Welcome to The AEONIAN 2021.

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Terms & Conditions

“The AEONIAN 2021” is an initiative of Aspire Media Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru. The conclave will be a 2 day online event to be conducted on 9th and 10th December 2021.

1. Purpose

The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch – The pitch will be aimed at providing a platform to select startups, across SEED, Series A, B and C+ stages of funding, and the opportunity to pitch online to potential investors from India and worldwide.

The AEONIAN 2021 Awards – The objective of “The AEONIAN 2021” Awards is to recognize startups across 24 Categories and 4 Jury selects and reward excellence.

Definition of Terms Used

Rules applicable to “Event(s)” as mentioned herein could mean both the “Pitch” and “Awards” unless explicitly distinguished.
In this T&C document, a reference to “you” or “your” would mean you as a representative of the business that is nominating itself for the events.
“Organizer” as used in this document would refer to Aspire Media Pvt Ltd.
“Awards Management Team” would indicate the organizers along with the jury.

Timeframe and Categories

Nomination entries open: 15 September 2021

Early bird offer closes: 31 October 2021

Regular (Final) nomination entries close: 10 November 2021

Finalists announcement: 25 November 2021

“The AEONIAN 2021 Awards”: 09 December 2021

“The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch”: 09 & 10 December 2021


The AEONIAN 2021 Awards

The AEONIAN 2021 Awards event will have its nominees segregated into groups based on their stages. The groups for awards are:

1) Nascent/Seed Stage
2) Early/Growth Stage
3) Expansion Stage
4) Mezzanine Stage

Definitions of each Awards stage is available here.

You are required to nominate yourselves into the appropriate groups and need to understand that the Awards Management Team may change / modify their entries in case you have nominated yourselves into the wrong group as perceived by the team. The decision in this regard will be final and non-contestable. This also stays true for the nomination into the award categories.

Finalists of The AEONIAN 2021 Awards will be informed in advance and they will be required to submit a 3 min video. The winners will be announced at the Awards evening on 9th December’21. The video collected of those winners will be presented online during The AEONIAN 2021 Awards ceremony.

The award categories and their definitions for “The AEONIAN 2021” are here.

For any queries relating to the nomination form, about which category your startup fits into, please contact us at enquiry@theaeonian.in or call +91-9567668459

The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch

The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch event will have its nominees segregated into groups based on their stages of funding:

1) Seed Stage Funding
2) Series A Funding
3) Series B Funding
4) Series C+ Funding

(Definitions of each Pitch stage is available here)

The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch will be an online presentation opportunity to investors worldwide. The Pitch presentation will be a recorded video which will be presented by the Finalist, 2 times (9th & 10th Dec’21). However, on both Pitch presentation timings, the finalists should be present online for the Investor Q&A. The organizer will be sharing the Online Pitch presentation link to all the finalist well in advance.

To meet maximum investors, we have made the Pitch presentation 2 times as per the below dates and time Zones. To see the time zones for each country at the time of The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch, please see here.


Efforts will be made to adhere to the defined timelines. However, the defined timelines are subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances. Awards management team and the Jury Members shall not be held accountable / liable for any disruptions / stoppages / interruptions or cancellation of the events or any part of its processes on account of any factors beyond its control.


(For pitch and all award categories except Best Investments company, Accelerator / Incubator of the year and Best Business angel)

For you to be eligible to nominate yourself for any event:

You must be any individual, founder, or authorized representative of a start-up and need to register your company for “THE AEONIAN 2021” events using a website domain email address.

You must submit the completed forms with required documents before the final Awards and Pitch closing date on 10th November’21.

Your company should be less than 6 years old, i.e. businesses incorporated not earlier than January 1st 2015.

You must be an Indian national, resident in India, and above 18 years of age as on 01 Oct’2021.

Your company must be 'independently owned’. This is defined as a business which is substantially owned by its founders and/or a group of independent investors.

Further, to qualify you must not:

Be employees of Aspire Media Pvt. Ltd or its associated Institutions and Companies, Jury Members, Sponsors and persons closely associated with Sponsors.

Be a government agency.

Have employees/advisors who have judged previous editions or are entrusted to judge the Awards program in the current edition.

Be a commercial supplier to “The AEONIAN 2021” edition.

Have been purchased, and operating as an existing business prior to purchase.

Entry, Exclusions and Limitations

The call for entries for the events will be announced online through the website.

By submitting an entry: I) You warrant that you are entering The AEONIAN Awards / Pitch 2021 in your personal capacity and as a representative of the business. II) You construe the submission as an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. III) The Terms and Conditions will apply during the Period defined by the time from the submission of the nomination to the 15th December 2021.

You can apply in multiple award categories. This can be indicated by selecting multiple categories in the nomination form.

Nomination fee will be applicable for each category selected by you.

The Awards Management Team has the right to re-classify your business in any award category, if need be felt while evaluating.

Disqualification of entries is at the sole discretion of the Award Management Team, on a case by case basis and can include but not limit to - i) Incomplete nomination forms. ii) Awards Management Team has the right to ask for documentary proof of information provided or audit the information provided in the nomination forms or supplementary documents. If such a request is made and you do not share the requested information within the stipulated timelines, you could be disqualified. iii) If at any time, including after the conclusion of the award ceremony, any information provided by you is found to be incorrect in any manner, then you will be liable to be disqualified and / or return the Award/Investment.

The Award Management Team reserves the right to exclude or reject any pitch ideas, and/or cancel the participation of any of the teams, or team member, in any event, at any given time.

No requests will be entertained for changes in the nomination last dates. However, the early bird offer and/or receipt of entries may be extended beyond the original dates decided only at the discretion of the organizers.


You understand and agree that mere participation in the events does not entitle you to win the award.

Your final eligibility will be subject to the discretion and approval of the Awards Management Team.

Right to permit participation is reserved with the Awards Management.

The nomination form once submitted will be considered final and no further changes to details will be entertained.

Promotion and Sponsorship

Upon submission of nominations, you agree to your details being extracted to be used to form data charts or statistics (with no company specific details) for promotion not limited to I) Webinar/Road shows II) Social media campaigns III) PR, Online campaigns and other means of publicity

If an event finalist, you agree to attend the finals for online presentation and other related events that the organizers notify you about to finalize the winner.

As an event finalist you also agree to assist in publicizing the events as required by the organizers and/or sponsors for the event in which you are a finalist.

As an event finalist you agree to your company details & logo being used in promotional events or publicity materials printed, electronic and online/social media. You shall not hold the organizer, sponsor or any social media platform responsible for use of your company details.

If an event winner, you agree to be part of all future marketing events for but not restricted to future editions of “The AEONIAN” and allow use of your company details and logo for the same.

You agree to allow the organizers and/or the sponsors to contact you to provide comments about the Awards and to take photos or video footage of you, your business and your representative(s).

As the events are covered by our media partner, you permit the use of photography and videography of yourself, your team members or anyone/anything relating to your business.

Intellectual Property Rights

The organizers own and reserve all rights pertaining to “The AEONIAN” brand. You will be allowed to use the brand logo and name for promotion or citation in your company materials only with prior approval from the organizers.

Disclaimers and release from liability

You also agree that you have read the individual events T&C and agree to abide by them. The event format, judging criteria or proceedings will remain uncontestable. However, the organizers reserve the right to make any changes as and when required and cannot be held liable for the same.

You hereby agree and undertake not to hold the organizers and/or any of its affiliates, including their respective personnel, responsible for or liable for, any actions or claims of losses, damages, costs, charges or expenses that you may/might have suffered, sustained or incurred, or claims to suffer, sustain or incur, by way of and /or on account of applying for or participating in The AEONIAN Awards/Pitch.

Rewards and Claims

Rewards for the events will be as follows:

1) The AEONIAN Awards

The benefits of the AEONIAN Awards can be read here.

2) The AEONIAN Pitch

The AEONIAN 2021 pitch will be an online open pitch which will be made available to registered/invited Investors worldwide. This is not a cash Award competition. The top Pitch presenting company/team will be given The AEONIAN 2021 Best Pitch Award certificate by the organiser. The AEONIAN Pitch will be made available to investors worldwide, hence the chances of your pitch ideas getting accepted are higher.

Any prizes and benefits must be claimed or used by the winners as specified by the organizers and/or sponsors within the time period as specified. If the prize or benefit remains unclaimed even after the specified time period, the same will be forfeited.

Cancellations, Withdrawal & Change of Date

You agree that, notwithstanding cancellation clause, we will have no liability under this Agreement, in any way whatsoever and howsoever (whether in contract, tort, or otherwise) arising out of or in connection with respect of any cancellation or postponement of The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch / Awards Ceremony or the moving of the Awards Ceremony to a new date.

The AEONIAN 2021 will be an online awards event. If the situation permits, we will consider an Hybrid event and notify the nominee accordingly.

We reserve the right to cancel, postpone or move The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch/ Awards Ceremony to another date to change any other aspect of the Pitch/Awards Ceremony at our discretion for any reason whatsoever. However, we will notify you promptly if the change relates to a change date material change in timing. For the avoidance of doubt, such a change shall not entitle you to terminate this Agreement.

We reserve the right to change the AEONIAN 2021 Picth/Awards Ceremony presenter or any other performers and do not guarantee the attendance of any particular guest.

Any discounts or offers advertised for a particular event (such as “Early Bird” offers) may be time limited and/or subject to availability.

Where we cancel The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch/ Awards Ceremony we will refund any Fees paid, and we will use reasonable endeavors to notify you of such cancellation.

If you wish to withdraw your entry, you must email us at the address set out on The AEONIAN 2021 Page. Where you withdraw your entry more than 14 days after the submission, or on or after the closing date for entry (whichever is earlier) there will be no refund.

By nominating, one person can attend the function (either the Nominee or the person approved by the Nominee with required authorization from the nominee).

If you wish to cancel your attendance at The AEONIAN Pitch/ Awards Ceremony you must email us at the address set out on the Awards Page as soon as possible.

If you cancel a nomination booking or withdraw your Entry and there are outstanding payments you may be liable for payment of the full Attendance Fee or Entry Fee, as appropriate, depending on the date and time of the cancellation.

If you (or if any of the Attendees you booked) cannot attend the Awards Ceremony we may allow a substitute Attendee at our discretion, and provided the request is made no later than 72 hours prior to the Pitch/Awards Ceremony. Any such request must be made by email to the address set out on the Awards Page and should include the name of the Attendee who will not be attending and the full name of the substitute, including their job title and contact details. If the substitute delegate has differing requirements from the original, we may not be able to accommodate these if the request is received later than this. We may reject any unsuitable delegate at our absolute discretion. The substitute Attendee must be from the same organization as the original Attendee who could not attend. This will be permitted only if the awards ceremony is held as a Hybrid event.

Fees & Payment

All sums payable by you under this Agreement are subject to any applicable tax, levy or similar governmental charge, including GST which we shall add at the applicable rate.

Payment of any bank transfer charges are your responsibility.

The following process will be performed by a team designated by Aspire Media Pvt. Ltd and supervised by senior Aspire Media staff prior to deliberation by Jury. All sums due under this Agreement shall be paid in full without any set-off, counterclaim, deduction or withholding (other than any deduction or withholding of tax as required by law). If you fail to make payment of any sums due (“Debt”):

If you breach the above, we may terminate this Agreement immediately by giving you written notice.

We reserve the right to cancel (a) your Entry, and/or (b) the registration of Attendees prior to The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch/Awards Ceremony. If we do not exercise our rights of cancellation prior to the Awards Ceremony, Attendees whose Attendance Fee has not been paid by the date upon which the Awards Ceremony takes place shall be required to pay on-site in order to gain entry;

Term & Terminations

We shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately by written notice whenever you breach any provision hereof which expressly entitles us to terminate the Agreement. This Agreement shall commence on the Start Date and shall continue, unless the Pitch/Awards Ceremony or your attendance at such, is cancelled, until the date upon which the Awards Ceremony ends (“Term”) when it shall terminate automatically without notice.

We may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving you 15 days’ written notice.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

The organizers may collect your personal information directly or through their agents as needed.

Upon entering you will be given the opportunity to allow other partners and associates to use your data to contact you for their business requirements.


Nominations shall not contain any content that is defamatory, abusive and invasive of another’s privacy or that infringes upon another person’s copyrights or any other intellectual property rights or that is in any way objectionable.

The organizers and its contractors cannot be held responsible for matters out of its control and for force majeure reasons.

Force Majeure. We shall not be liable to you for any delay or failure to perform hereunder due to a natural disaster, pandemic, actions or decrees of governmental bodies, any curtailment to or cancellation of public transport, strikes or walkouts, communicable disease, epidemic, acts or threats of terrorism or civil unrest, or communications line failure which (a) hinders, delays or prevents us in performing any of our obligations, (b) is beyond our control of without our fault or negligence, and (c) by the exercise of reasonable diligence we are unable to prevent or provide against (“Force Majeure Event”). In such circumstances, we shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time for performing such obligations. If the period of delay or non-performance continues for 30 or more calendar days, we may terminate this Agreement by giving you 5 Business Days written notice. In such circumstances reserve the right not to refund your registration fees and advise that insurance should be taken to cover such eventualities. A Force Majeure Event shall not entitle you to delay payment of any sums under this Agreement. You are responsible for making your own way to the venue for the event (if the event goes hybrid), and you shall remain liable for all payments under this agreement irrespective of any failure of transport or other reason why you are unable to attend The AEONIAN 2021 .

All disputes relating to or arising out of the awards shall be subject to the laws of India, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of competent jurisdiction at Bengaluru, India.

Please note that all details pertaining to the events are available on the set of documents made publicly available and if further you have any queries please contact at enquiry@theaeonian.in