Welcome to The AEONIAN 2021.

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The AEONIAN 2021 will be the 4th annual event – a two-day virtual event aiming at bringing all stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem, under one roof. From investors to companies, from seed funded to IPO start-ups, from students to start-up founders, they will all be present across:


1) Online Live Pitch

2) Virtual Awards & Networking


Whether the idea to join is to gain a better insight into the Indian start-up scene or it is to find the right start-up to invest in, whether it is to network with potential investors or it is to find the latest technology or products, The AEONIAN 2021 satisfies to every need. All this while also celebrating the successes and dwelling over the failures of the start-up world.



The AEONIAN will be organized by Aspire Media Pvt Ltd, the publishers of the leading SME publication “Small Enterprise” the monthly magazine and the portal www.SmallEnterpriseindia.com.

Aspire Media Pvt Ltd was established in January 2009, based out of Bangalore, India. The company has to its credit conducting various including the “Small Enterprise Business Awards 2021” which garnered major media attention over the past 3 years. Aspire Media has also conducted multicity roadshows titled ‘SME Learning Series’ and ‘Small Enterprise GRIND’ to educate aspiring entrepreneurs, Small Enterprise Webinar Series, Aspire MasterClass and exclusive webinars for large corporates that’s supports MSMEs. Small Enterprise monthly magazine, completed 9 years of publishing the monthly magazine. See the digital editions on:


Our annual Awards to recognise both successful Startups and MSMEs will be completing 4 years this November 2021. A separate Awards platform for MSMEs was created in 2017. Small Enterprise Business Awards (SEBA) www.sebusinessawards.com ,  recognises MSMEs and The AEONIAN ( www.theaeonian.in ) for Startup Pitch, Confernece and Awards.

We have launched Small Enterprise USA ( www.smallenterpriseusa.com ), in early 2021. This is our first venture into international markets to boost entrepreneurship. Our next phase will be to launch Small Enterprise platform across emerging markets worldwide.