Welcome to The AEONIAN 2021.

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1) What is “The AEONIAN 2021”?

“The AEONIAN 2021” is the 4th annual premium startup event, organized by Aspire Media pvt Ltd, that aims to bring all stakeholders of the startup ecosystem under one roof and help develop its dynamics. All this, while also celebrating and rewarding the startups and dwelling over its failures.

2) What is the format?

“The AEONIAN 2021” will be a 1 day event ( 16th December 2021), and will comprise of 2 activities namely:
I) Pitch
II) Awards

3) How do I register for “The AEONIAN 2021”?

The AEONIAN 2021 will have 2 activities: Pitch & Awards. You can register for any of the activities on The AEONIAN 2021 website under the “NOMINATE” tab. You can access it here. We do not accept any offline registrations.

4) What is the registration window?

Registrations will open from the 15 September 2021. The early bird offer will be available up until 05 October 2021. The final registration date will close by 08th December 2021.

5) What are the ticket rates for each of the events? Are there any early bird offers?

There are two categories of tickets. The early bird and regular. The Early Bird offer will be available from 15 Sept – 05 Oct’21 with discounted rates. Any registrations further will be charged as regular entries from 06 Oct – 08th December ’21. Please find the rates here.

6) Do I have to register separately for each event?

Yes, You have to register separately for each event – Pitch & Awards.

7) What is the classification used for Awards & Pitch?

Please find all details regarding the classification and funding stages along with an explanation with guidelines on all the activities within “The AEONIAN 2021” here –

8) What are the Award Categories?

There are 24 award categories for “The AEONIAN 2021”. Details regarding them can be found here.

9) Can I be only a visitor to the event?

Yes, you can visit the event without participating by registering for Awards session FREE as a Visitor. Click here for the Visitor registration process.

10) Are all registrants allowed to Pitch?

No, All registrant profiles will be screened and only the selected finalists will be allowed to pitch. Details regarding the finalists will be uploaded on the website by the AEONIAN team. Finalist will also be informed individually.

11) What are the documents needed for submission?

Pitch registrants have to submit a business plan and a Government ID card. This is mandatory. You can upload any other documents that could support your case.
Award Registrants are required to submit a Summary Document. A Summary Document is a summary of your forecasts and how you are performing in line with them. Apart from this, you can upload any other documents to support your case. Additional documents are optional but however highly recommended as it will help the evaluators judge your entries and its authenticity better.

12) Can I apply to multiple categories in the Awards?

Yes, you may apply to multiple categories. However, you will be subject to scrutiny of whether you suit the categories and if found not to in any of the categories, will be disqualified from that particular category.

13) How will be the Pitch presentation conducted?

The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch will be conducted online. The finalists will be required to submit a Pitch Video of max 5 mins duration. The Pitch Video will be presented online by the respective Pitch presenting team to the invited Investors from across the world on that day. Each Pitch Video presenting team should be available online for a 2 min Q & A form interested Investors. The AEONIAN team will share the link for the online platform well in advance.

14) How will be the Awards ceremony conducted?

The AEONIAN 2021 Awards ceremony will be conducted online. The finalists will be required to submit a Video of max 3 mins duration. The final Winners and Runner up Videos will be presented online by the AEONIAN Host on that day. All finalists should be available online as the Winners and Runner Ups will be announce of the Awards Day. The AEONIAN team will share the link for the online platform well in advance.

15) How will be the Startup Conference and Networking conducted?

The AEONIAN 2021 startup conference will be conducted online. It’s free for all Startups and entrepreneurs to Join and listen to Domain experts. You will have access to an online virtual networking lounge.