Welcome to The AEONIAN 2021.

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The AEONIAN Pitch – 16 December 2021

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM (IST)

The AEONIAN Online Live Pitch

All Countries To Follow IST

Bringing the best of the startups to vie for funding, the pitch will be conducted on 16 December’21. Pitch session will start form 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. The entries will be screened on the basis of their eligibility. Out of the entries received around 30 will be selected and segregated based on their stages of funding i.e. Seed, Series A, Series B and Series C+. Shortlisted participants in each category will be notified by 10th December ’21. Each selected team will get a chance to project their startup to the investors present on the day of the pitch.

The timeslot for each team will be 5 minutes for presentation followed by 2 minutes for Q&A.

The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch Segregation Stages


Early stage funding given to a Startup that will be utilised to conduct market surveys, create the viable product and initial establishment of the company.
Investments are usually upto US$ 2 Million.
Investors Include Angels and early stage VCs.

↠ Seed ↞
Series A
Series B
Series C

How it Works

Bringing the best of the startups to vie for funding, the pitch will be conducted on 16th December 2021.

It’s a win for everybody!

The pitch will be divided into groups with each catering to a specific funding stage. The pitch will not only give you a chance to pitch in front of the investors coming in as per their interest in the stage of funding, but will also be a competition with the best pitches judged being awarded.

The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch Benefits

▸ Open Online Pitch to Interested Investors across India and Worldwide

▸ Online Pitch will be conducted across all country time zones on 16th Dec’21

▸ Free publicity to gain exposure as pitch events offer avenue to make the startups known to a community of entrepreneurs, investors and experts

▸ Refine ideas as pitch competitions acts as a medium to conduct informal market research and gain feedback

▸ Opportunity to expand and built a strong network of connections which in turn can lead to multiple opportunities for growth

▸ Top pitches will be awarded & rewarded by interested Investors

▸ Top 5 Pitches to receive Best Pitch Award and Certificate at The AEONIAN 2021 Awards ceremony

The entries will be pre-screened on the basis of their eligibility & segregation based on their stages of funding i.e. Nascent / Seed, Early / Growth (Series A), Expansion (Series B) and Mezzanine (Series C). Shortlisted teams will be allowed to pitch in front of the jury & potential investors. The timeslot will be 5 minutes for presentation followed by 2 minutes for Q&A.

Selection Stages


  • Any individual, founder or authorized person can nominate their startup under any of the specific funding stages provided
  • Each startup can nominate themselves based on stage of funding – Nascent / Seed, Early / Growth (Series A), Expansion (Series B) & Mezzanine stage (Series C).


  • A robust framework for pre-screening / evaluation parameters for startups will be used for initial shortlisting
  • A team of experts will evaluate and shortlist the nominees by scoring the startup on a defined set of parameters for each stage of startup
  • Selected finalists will be informed a weeks before the event and they will have to confirm their participation.

Final Selection

  • Final list of shortlisted startups will be evaluated by the jury consisting of eminent industry stalwarts, CEOs, angel investors, venture capitalists etc. having a wide and rich experience of the startup ecosystem
  • Jury will determine the winner in each category on the basis of  the pitch presentations along with details entered in the entry form and other criteria as deemed necessary by the jury


  • Winners from each category will be presented with an Award certificate  during the grand Awards Night function
  • Interested Investors will evaluate and will call for deliberations.

Documents Required for Pitch Application

The AEONIAN 2021 - Pitch Documentation Check List
1 Business Plan*
2 Aadhaar Card*
3 Company Registration Certificate
4 Startup India DPIIT Certificate
5 Any other documents on funding received
6 Company Logo
7 Applicant Photo*

Mandatory Documents*