Welcome to The AEONIAN 2021.

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Investor Registration Form

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Terms and Conditions

 “The AEONIAN 2021” is an initiative of Aspire Media Pvt Ltd, Bangalore to be held on 16th December 2021.


Definition of Terms Used

  • In this T&C document, a reference to “you” or “your” would mean you as an investor attending “The AEONIAN 2021”.
  • “Organizer” as used in this document would refer to Aspire Media Pvt Ltd.


“The AEONIAN 2021” Format with Timeframes

  • The registrations for “The AEONIAN 2021” open on 15 September 2021.
  • Investor Registrations will close by 10 December 2021.
  • The AEONIAN Startup Pitch Registrations remain open till 10 December 2021.
  • As an Investor, you will get access to the full event – Pitch and The AEONIAN 2021 Awards.
  • Upon closure of registrations, the entries will be pre-screened for the Awards and Pitch according to pre-determined eligibility criteria as ascertained by the organizers.
  • Details of selected finalists in each pitch category will be provided to the investors by 10 December 2021.

Event Details

  • Pitch: Nomination entries for pitch will be screened using a predefined evaluation criteria by the organizers and only the shortlisted entries will be allowed to present in front of the investors. Further, the shortlisted entries will be segregated into groups based on their stages of funding. The groups being:
    • Seed
    • Series A
    • Series B
    • Series C+

On the day of the pitch, each of the finalist teams will present a 5 minute presentation to be followed by a 2 minute Q&A session in each category.


The AEONIAN 2021 Pitch Day – 16th December 2021

The AEONIAN 2021 pitch invites Investors across the globe on 16th Dec,’21.

Presentations will be segregated based on the funding group and investors can attend the presentations based on their interests.

Roles and Responsibilities

As an investor participant of “The AEONIAN 2021”, you will be expected to interact with the startup ecosystem stakeholders and contribute to the dynamics of the event across Pitch and Awards Night. The investors may act as mentors/advisors to startups as they deem fit.

Investors Terms

The event will be held as per the terms and conditions as stated by the organizers on the event website. However, the organizers reserve the right to make revisions to these terms and conditions based on any unforeseen circumstances.

For the purpose of a fair chance to all startups being noticed, the organizers have segregated the startups based on their stage of funding, details of which will be provided to you prior to the event so as to streamline the event and let potential investors target the right set of startups.

Clause 1

To be an investor on “The AEONIAN 2021” you must meet the following criteria:

  1. a) You must be an individual, company / Corporate, Financial Institution or public body;
  2. b) If an individual you must be either the authorised representative of the investing firm or company or the investment arm of any company or an angel investor/investor in your individual capacity
  3. c) Where a prospective investor does not meet the above criteria, the investor may be permitted to become an investor on “The AEONIAN 2021” with a written confirmation from the organizers.
  4. d) All Investor companies in India are mandatorily required to be SEBI registered.
  5. c) All foreign Investors should abide by the Indian Government Consolidated FDI Policy Circular for Startups. Please read : https://dpiit.gov.in/sites/default/files/CFPC2017-16October2020_0_0.pdf

Clause 2

You must register your details under Investor Registration on the website at www.theaeonian.in

Clause 3

The organizers have their principal role to perform introductory functions on behalf of the startups and investors in order to bring together prospective investors and investees. The ÁEONIAN 2021, aims to streamline the process of matching the right investor to the right investee. The organizers will not perform any management functions for the investors and thus the investor will retain complete control and discretion over the investment decision and at what terms.

Clause 4

You warrant that all information provided by you to us in the course of registration and participation in “The AEONIAN 2021” is accurate in all respects to the best of your knowledge. In case of any discrepancies or changes/updates, you will promptly inform/update us.

Clause 5

Once registered on the platform as an investor, background checks may be made on you or your company based on the organizers internal guidelines for the same. If at any point the need for additional information be felt, you might be contacted on the contact preference made by you in the registration form. If you are unable to provide the details as and when required, the organizers have the right to limit your participation in “The AEONIAN 2021”.

Clause 6

The organizer will act as a link between the investees and the investors. Though background checks will be made for authenticity, the organizers accept no responsibility and disclaims all liability for any information about the potential investee to the prospective investor or vice versa. The organizers and partners shall not be responsible for the consequences of the investment decisions made by you.

Clause 7

Immense care is taken to make sure the right company is segregated into the right funding stage. However, these are prone to errors and omissions. The organizers and partners shall not be held liable, if it be felt that a company has been segregated into the wrong category. The segregation is done only to make the targeting by the investors and potential investees easier. You can still make your offer on the funding you wish to provide based on your individual assessment of the company.

Clause 8

You agree that all personal information provided to us via the registration platform may be collected, stored, processed and used in accordance with the privacy policy available at www.theaeonian.in .